Has your doctor ever done any of these things?

 Has Your Doctor Ever told you, when he prescribed an antibiotic, that you should take sauerkraut or good -- good meaning unpasteurized -- yogurt  to repare the damage done to your gut flora by the antibiotics he prescribes?


Hippocrates:  All disease starts in the gut.
If he hasn't, he is not doing the job he is supposed to do.  I was going to say "... the job he was trained to do," but that would have missed the mark.  Let me explain.  He is supposed to make and/or to keep you healthy, non?  But that's not what he was trained to do in Med School.There he was trained, to put it simply, to sell drugs.  He does not know that.  He comes away from Med School believing that drugs are what makes people healthy.  Of course they don't; in fact they are not designed to do that.  Essentially they are designed to make the patient feel better by treating the symptoms.  At best they temporarily repair health that has broken down, at worst they kill. 
Has Your Doctor Ever Prescribed strategies to
bring your pH balance up to at least 7?

He probably hasn't.  But these things -- a healthy gut flora and the proper pH balance -- are the Alpha and the Omega of good health.  Without them you can't be really healthy no matter how many pills your doctor prescribes.

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