Aerobic Exercise against Depression

There is much evidence that regular aerobic exercise -- jogging, swimming, biking, a brisk half-our walk twice a day, the treadmill, etc. -- can be very effective treatment for depression.

Rapid Recovery from Depression with Magnesium

For now, only the URL to a marvelous site:  "Rapid Recovery from Major Depression with Magnesium" --  It is a super site for people who suffer from depression, both first aid and cure.    I'll be back with more anon; but, before I leave, a few words of my own.

    The agents of Mainstream Medicine seldom, if ever look for the real causes of an ill.  They want a diagnosis so that they can look for the right pill for an ill in their catalogue of pills.
    Now, magnesium deficiency is a frequent real cause of depression, and magnesium deficiency is more common in our latitudes than we – the doctors included – are aware of.  It’s really quite simple.  Magnesium and Calcium are a team, and the more we get of one, the more we need of the other.  In our latitudes, most people get enough calcium from their food – from milk, from yogurt, from cheese and even from vegetables.  Broccoli, for instance, delivers a significant quantity of calcium.  But we don’t get magnesium nearly as readily from our food.  In consequence, magnesium deficiency is common in our parts of the world and so is depression.
    Why not give a little supplemental magnesium a chance.  It’s cheap and, if it should not help YOU – there is such a thing as individual differences – it won’t effect nasty side effects if used as intended, something you can’t say of ANY of the antidepressants.  If they do no good, you can be sure that they do harm.  Don’t believe me?  Just have a look at the side effects of the most popular one of them – Prozac.  To save yourself time, you may use this URL:

Hard to believe that they can pack so many nasty side effects into one pill.
    Anyway, give it a try.  Chances are you’ll be mightily surprised.  Go about it this way: the first two or three days take twice 300 mg... thereafter, take 200 to 300 mg daily for at least a month to see how you feel.  There are several varieties of Magnesium.  Magnesium citrate is probably the best for the purpose under discussion.  And it is best taken between meals.